The Return of the K-Bot


Once upon a time (circa 2006) there was a project code named K-Bot, which incorporated a knife blade into the original T-Bot design. There were several prototypes and variants made before the concept was vaulted in stasis due to some production issues that we were unable to solve at the time.


Re-development of the idea began in 2017. We started by identifying end goals and objectives, how the tool would be used, what it would do that other tools didn’t, and envisioning what mission it would fit first, before diving into design specifics like materials and dimensions. 

The concept went through a somewhat twisted evolutionary path to say the least, but after much bumming around the Mojave desert, a few dead ends (ok more than a few), and more beers than we can count, the new K-Bot slowly took shape.

Thicker blade stock, tougher steel, thicker frame material, a more stable and repeatable tang insert, resized frame to fit a large variety of glove sizes, and full interchangeability. 

Following a successful and informative Alpha test phase earlier this year, we have made a few further changes primarily to the sheath design. The sheaths now feature adjustable retention while also sitting lower on the belt line to increase concealment and comfort. This 'low ride' design is optimal for AIWB carry and still allows for a fast 3 finger draw. We've also added traction grooves along the spine of the frame to increase grip and control during a ringless or 'panic' draw.

The addition of the pikal trainer blade insert rounds out the changes for the Beta test.

We're not done yet though...

Huge thanks to our Alpha Test team for all the feedback, support, and encouragement to move this idea forward!


Maximize modularity

Maximize retention and defensive potential

minimize weight and overall footprint


Left handed and Right handed:

The new K-bot is built in two basic versions, Left or Right handed. Either version can be used in either hand of course, but the grind is optimized for a reverse grip (blade down) in the version chosen. The carry system can also be set up for carry on either side by reversing the clip, but will ship set up for IWB carry on the side chosen.

If you are right handed and wish to carry a K-Bot in addition to your pistol, then we recommend a left handed K-Bot for offhand carry to supplement/defend your pistol. 

If you are right handed and do not plan to carry the K-Bot in addition to a CCW pistol, then we recommend a right handed K-Bot for primary-hand carry. 



blade insert steel: CPM-3V

blade insert thickness: .160

frame thickness: .360

Overall lengths

frame: 4.6"

with Claw blade: 5.9"

with Tanto blade: 6.95"

with Spike blade: 6.7"

with Pikal blade: 6.3"

with Warbit Blade: 7.35"