The KBOT open beta pre-order is now live! We'll be taking a limited number of orders every week until September 15th. If it says out of stock, check back on Monday when the number of available orders is refreshed.

These open Beta preorders will be for the Pikal blade only. This will streamline the process and help us get these out quicker. Other blade styles will be posted as they are in stock!

You MUST READ AND AGREE to the following Terms and Conditions before ordering!

Orders will ship in the order that they are placed. There will be NO REFUNDS on these pre-orders. Money received will fund the making of the knives. We will work to get these orders fulfilled as quickly as possible, and having a limited number per week will allow us to keep the lead times reasonable. We aim to have all orders completed by October 31, but if you don't want to pay and wait, that's OK, we will have K-bots in stock with standard lead times at various times throughout the year!