Get Lit


Lit the Fire again.

Forging is something that I used to do a lot of. At the time it was mostly with the goal of making pattern welded steel. I didn't do much actual blade forging or blacksmithy type stuff back then, always seemed like I was too busy with stock removal and machined projects to spend any significant time at the anvil. And although I would light the forge occasionally over the years, just to make a blade or two and get it out of my system for awhile, that fire never died.

A couple years ago I got the itch again and decided to forge some blades from an old leaf spring pack. It was challenging but I had a blast and it definitely relit the fire. I'm probably still not very good at it, but I have a lot of fun and there's something very satisfying about just letting the metal be what it wants, without all the contrivance and superfluous bullshit involved in most modern knifemaking.

Just simple, brutally honest blades.



Our forged blades fall into three catagories or "series"

  • Scavenger Series: Forged from repurposed or scavenged steel sources. Usually leaf or coil spring steel, but could also be made from saw or mower blades, ball bearings, etc. Finishes are rough, fittings are minimal, and we don't spend much time on making them look nice.   


  • Standard Series: Forged from newly sourced mono-steel stock. Finishes and fittings will range from quick and dirty to shiny and etched, depending on the piece.


  • Yokai Series: The Yokai are forged from pattern welded or damascus steel made by DC Munroe. Each will be unique and represent our highest level of collaborative Work. 
DC Munroe